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Terry Harrison

It was with great sadness that we announced that our beloved Terry Harrison died on 13th June 2017 after a short illness. Terry was an immensely likeable, gentle man who through his love of painting and generous nature, touched and brought joy to so many people's lives. He is deeply missed by his wife Fiona, family and friends and by the many students who loved his painting demonstrations.

Terry was a naturally gifted artist who learned from those he admired. His mission was to make painting easier and more accessible, which gave so many people the courage to have a go. He wrote many phenomenally successful art instruction books, and his legacy will live on through his timeless paintings and the words and images of his wonderful books and DVDs.

There was always something special about listening to Terry describe the painting process while another beautiful scene developed before our eyes. That is why we have decided to make all of Terry's video tutorials available for you to purchase and keep via our new website - paintwithterry.com

Our hope is that Terry’s mission to take the mystery out of watercolour landscape painting will live on and that generations will continue to be inspired by the skills, tips and techniques he loved to share.

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